Material Presence, 2018

Porcelain, flux, walnut

Taking notice of moments that might go unseen, Material Presence contemplates the meniscus on a spoon filled to the point of tipping, or the precarious balance of two cups stacked one on top of another on a kitchen surface, each on the brink of something. There is an uncertain beauty Zoe recognises here and a longing that is resonant of human experience. White porcelain clay becomes a metaphor, its movement between states, embodying aspects of human being. Material and process take on significance for this reason, echoing the intent of the works.

Domestic objects – a colander, a saucepan, a skillet, mugs, cups, bowls – are carved from plaster, by hand or on a lathe, before being moulded and cast in porcelain. Carving the handle of a mug or saucepan takes time and attention, and Zoe’s commitment to this process is a reflection of her feeling for the objects and their signification. The porcelain forms are presented in simple arrangements reflective of those found on a kitchen surface. Welling over the edge of a spoon, in the midst of these forms, is a pool of flux.

The kitchen table is made from walnut. The tabletop has been CNC milled from a 3D scan to reveal from within the wood surface a rucked tablecloth marked by dishes that once sat upon it, a knife, a spoon, and the remnants of food that has been eaten.The defining edges of the items on the table’s surface are blurred; the boundary between knife and tabletop unclear.

Material Presence seeks out a silent grace in the midst of the most mundane of domestic scenes – the washing up or a table part cleared – encouraging a sense of tenderness towards everyday experience.