Scan of tabletop, 2018

Studio, 2018


Rooftops in Naples, Thomas Jones, 1782

Bactrian princess, thought to be the one great goddess who in Central Asian mythology reigned over the natural world, pacifying the elemental forces.

The Distance (A kiss with added string), by Cornelia Parker (Auguste Rodin’s The Kiss entwined with a mile-long length of string)

Studio, 2017

Studio, 2017

Drawings, 2017

Studio, 2017

The Hundred Jugs, William Nicholson

Scan, 2017

Scan, 2017

Jan Family, Reading, 2002

Jan Family

Helen J. Simmonds, Still LifeĀ 

Georgio Morandi, Still Lives

Spillage on a kiln shelf, 2014

SpillageĀ on a kiln shelf, 2014

Studio image, 2014

Spoon drawing, 2014

Spoon drawing, 2015

Close up dripping spoon, 2014

The meniscus on a glass of water, 2010

Process shot, porcelain slip in a mould, 2014

Process shot, sieve straining porcelain slip, 2014

A spoon full of slip, 2014

A spoon full of slip, 2014

Tests, 2014